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Our Services

All of our services are hear to get you more customers, Some of these services are not needed by our company has different Plans that suite your needs. 

SEO – Google Search

This is Optimizing your business to rank higher on search results is the most steadfast way to
gain traction online and grow your business. SEOinTEC provides high-level keyword research that
reveals who your customers are and how they search for products and services online. We can
bring your business out of the depths of the rankings and onto page 1 with SEO expertise.

YouTube – Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to give your customers clear and compelling information
that shows off who you are and what makes your business special. SEOinTEC’s video services
establish a connection between the client and business. They also help boost traffic to your site
through algorithmic navigation that favours youtube or video content in the rankings.

Local Search

Who are your customers, and where do they search from? Similar to our SEO services,
local search optimizes your brand to meet your customers geographically. We will include
strategies that consider the near me searches.

Content Marketing

Converting is all about the customer. Is your website communicating your services correctly? This service refreshes and invigorates all of your content with professional writing and
expert keyword focus. Together we will develop a tone of voice that converts and optimizes
search ranking results. 

PPC – Google Ads | Facebook Ads | YouTube Ads

Here we want to expand your business and meet potential customers wherever they
might be online. This service includes analyzing which keywords are the most cost effective, and which advertisers are the most efficient for your business.

Lead Generation

Sales funnels are used to target the right customers so the ROI-Return On Investment is acceptable.  

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